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2015 UST Nonprofit Employee Engagement & Retention Report

In this report, you'll learn about employment trends within the nonprofit sector, as well as the leading variables that influence turnover, including culture, leadership and compensation.

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- What factors are contributing to turnover / retention
- What drives employee engagement or non-engagement
- Which new approaches you can apply at your nonprofit

UST surveyed more than 1,300 nonprofit employees to discover what real nonprofit executives, supervisors and staff are saying contributes to their organizations' satisfaction levels and turnover rates. Download your complimentary copy of the 2015 UST Nonprofit Employee Engagement & Retention Report today.

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The Unemployment Services Trust (UST) helps lower the cost of nonprofit unemployment claims and provides an HR hotline and employee training platform. Last year UST found more than $5,437,701 in potential Unemployment Cost Savings for nonprofits. Find out how much you can save by filling out a complimentary Savings Evaluation.

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